On-Set Playback/DIT

We have an amazing array of tools to make your life on set as easy as possible. FromLaptop file based ingest solutions to full blown Stereo 3D ingest, playback, transcoding and primary grade rigs – MediaPros can spec, install and supply exactly what you need to get the job done… even if you want to monitor a camera feed live on your iPad!

All of these solutions can be “out of the box” or customized to meet your requirements –right down to the rack cases they’re housed in. These racks can carry HD-SDI I/O, superfast direct attached storage (which can be high-speed networked to other DIT Labs/Edit/Grading suites) as well as RED STATIONs for 1.8” RED MAG, 2.5” RED MAG and RED CF (or all of the above!) if RED is your flavor of choice and complete Nearline and/or LTO backup.

Any of these options are available on either a Laptop or Desktop machine, both being capable of RED ROCKET support (or multi RED ROCKET support in the case of Desktops!) for super-super fast transcoding on set. Head on over to the “RED” section to find out more about how MediaPros can advise on your RED workflow.