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Liquid3D MonitorExperience 3D the way it’s meant to be seen, presenting the Liquid3D 15.6” HD (1920 x 1080) Monitor with Facial Tracking, bringing glasses-free 3D displays to a whole different level with interactive features and native support for 3D stereo content.

Exclusively distributed in the UK by MediaPros.

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• 15.6” Full HD (1920×1080) LCD Display
• Embedded Camera Sensor for interactivity and Face Tracking
• HDMI / DVI inputs
• Built-in USB Hub to connect with Motion Gesture Sensors
• Precision manufacturing 3D lens ensuring no brightness loss when displaying 3D

• Switchable display modes between 2D and 3D
• Supports 3D stereo (side-by-side) formats with no conversions
• Face Tracking Engine for elimination of sweet spots
• Can display 2D and 3D simultaneously
• Compatible with any 3rd party software that outputs 3D in side-by-side format

3d Movies

3D Movies and Content Viewing
Experience 3D movies, videos and images all without the need for glasses. For 3D content creators, Liquid3D’s products guarantee a “Wow” factor when presenting your artistic material and your audience will instantly believe that they are currently watching how all content will be seen in the near future.

3D Design

3D Design, Modelling and Education / Training
Design professionals already work in 3D. Whether it being architectural designs, mechanical models, VR training programs, Liquid3D’s products act as a perfect companion tool to your work. The extra 3D depth provides greater visual conception helping both presentations and comprehension of your work.

Face TrackingFace Tracking
We provide a high precision facial tracking application that is part of the core 3D engine software. Knowing the location of the face enables Liquid3D’s software to direct the 3D images precisely to the user’s eyes ensuring the highest quality 3D effect, and also providing a wide viewing angle unlike other glasses-free technologies. The tracking system works seamlessly such that the 3D content.

3D Content Player3D Content Player
Included with Liquid3D’s products is a simple to use 3D content player allowing users to playback images and content. The player processes native 3D stereo content in the mainstream side-by-side format. Unlike other glasses-free solutions, Liquid3D does not perform any conversion of the content, keeping the 3D content in its original form. This guarantees that there are no degradation in the content from artifacts caused from occlusion, transparency and image warping.

3D Control Tool3D Control Tool / SDK
Liquid3D’s glasses-free products are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of 3rd party software including 3D authoring software, media players, 3D game drivers, 3D post-editing tools, interactive software platforms and much more. The 3D control tool gives the users the ability to control when to use the display in 2D mode, 3D mode and even showing 2D / 3D simultaneously. The power of the control tool and our SDK is that it essentially can match with any software that can output a 3D side-by- side image or graphic, making it the perfect companion for design and content professionals.

For further product information and pricing please contact one of our Pro Video Solutions Specialists.

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