MediaPros offer a wide range of professional monitoring systems designed to suit every potential production scenario. The main brands we supply are: ADAM, Avantone, Dynaudio Acoustics, Focal Professional, Genelec, JBL, sE Electronics, Neumann and PMC. The company also supplies a comprehensive selection of associated products including: monitoring controllers, speaker stands and cabling systems.

While the choice in monitoring is a very personal thing our Pro Audio team are experts in the field of monitors and can recommend the right speaker system for any production environment. Our demo facilities in Central London are acoustically treated and allow for silent listening, making sure you know exactly what you’re hearing when you audition the monitors.

MediaPros also offer a comprehensive range of professional headphones, brands available include: AKG, Beyer Dynamic, Sennheiser and Sony.


MediaPros is delighted to offer its customers the latest monitors from Dynaudio Acoustics, the first choice of many broadcast organisations and post-production facilities, as well as engineers, producers and recording artists. Designed by Andy Munro, creator of some of the world’s finest monitoring systems and sound facilities, Dynaudio Acoustics speakers are breathtaking in their clarity yet a thoroughly practical choice, especially if space is at a premium.

Dynaudio BM5AMediaPros particularly recommends the BM5A and BM6A compact active studio monitors, the powerful BM15 active mid-to-nearfield monitor and the range of BM compact subwoofers. These offer exemplary performance, yet are easy to configure for stereo or 5.1 applications in almost any acoustically viable environment.

Applications for these monitors embrace every aspect of sound engineering and reproduction, including music and speech monitoring and mixing, radio stations, OB vehicles, post-production edit suites, recording studios and playback rooms.

The Dynaudio Acoustics BM5A combines a 170mm woofer with a 26mm softdome tweeter. Powered by two 50W amplifiers and with a quoted frequency response of 50Hz-21kHz the BM5A is in many ways the ultimate refinement of a classic two-way nearfield monitor.

Using a similar driver arrangement is a slightly larger cabinet; the Dynaudio Acoustics BM6A contains two 100W amplifiers and has a quoted frequency response of 41Hz-21kHz.

Dynaudio Air 20250Where extended frequency response and dynamic performance are a priority, the powerful BM15A is a natural choice. Combining a 240mm woofer with a special version of the Dynaudio ESOTEC soft dome tweeter and an electronic phase-aligned crossover, the BM15 offer the kind of punch associated with much larger enclosures.

The electronics offer complex protection circuitry helping to prevent accidental damage to the drivers, while still providing maximum transient response. The BM15A has a frequency range of 30Hz-21kHz (±3dB) and a max SPL at 1m, per pair (IEC Long Term) of 124dB RMS.

All three Dynaudio Acoustics BM full-range are alternatively available as passive systems, should you be satisfied with your existing amplification. The passive BM5 is especially competitively priced.

Dynaudio BM9S 250As a complement to these two-way systems, Dynaudio Acoustics offers a choice of subwoofers. MediaPros is confident that at least one of them will be sufficiently compact for your facility but will deliver the low-end extension required for accurate monitoring over the entire audio spectrum.

Even the diminutive BM 9S, which is barely bigger than the 240mm cone it contains, has a frequency response of 29Hz-250Hz and employs a 200W amplifier. Dynaudio Acoustics also offers the BM 10S and the BM 12S, which employs a 300mm, long-throw driver powered by a 250W amplifier to achieve a frequency response of 18Hz-250Hz and a delivery of truly cinematic proportions.

MediaPros is also happy to supply other systems from the Dynaudio Acoustics range, including the AIR series. As always with MediaPros, all it takes is a phone call to secure a demonstration in your own facility. You won’t be disappointed.

Focal Logo

Founded in 1979, Focal is a loudspeaker manufacturer based in France. The Professional Division is responsible for designing and manufacturing some of the best Studio Monitors in the world today.

Focal’s exclusive technologies have brought major progress to the professional audio world in terms of neutrality, definition and precision in reproduced sound. It’s fundamental for a sound engineer to entirely trust what they hear, either in Music Production, Post Production or Broadcast.


Focal products are designed from the start to be professional tools that exactly reproduce the sound signal, without improving or damaging it. Focal Professional monitors guarantee the reproduction of all the micro-detail, the precise staging of instruments and voices, with no coloration or distortion and have over the years become the preferred choice for many of the world’s most respected Audio Professionals.

Focal SM9

Focal SM9

This monitoring speaker establishes itself as a reference thanks to the precision of the stereo image, its capacity to reproduce each of the micro details of the audio signal, as well as unconditional respect of the original dynamics. One of the major SM9 innovations lies in the fact of offering 2 monitoring speakers in only one and unique cabinet. The SM9 is thus composed of 2 monitors: a 3-way monitor and a 2-way monitor.

Focal SM6 Range


Focal SOLO6-Be

The Solo6 Be monitor will surprise you in the very first minutes you spend with it, partly due to its size/extended bass response (40Hz at -3dB). The 6.5″ “W” composite sandwich mid-woofer combines neutrality in the midrange, fullness in the midbass register and bass control. Its compactness and the choice of a large front laminar port guarantee easy integration in studios that need a near field monitor without any acoustic compromise. The user settings on the back of the Solo6 Be, combined with its compactness, make it easy to carry and to adjust according to the acoustics of each studio.


Focal TWIN6-Be

The Twin6 Be is the best seller of the Focal Professional range and the most versatile work tool of the SM6 line. It represents the only necessary solution for recording, mixing and mastering. The image precision, treble definition as well as midrange neutrality are at the of the Twin6 Be permits a high SPL while at the same time offering a stable tonal balance. One of the two 6.5″ woofers works in large band (midrange – bass) whereas the other reproduces from 40 to 150Hz. This creates a bass that preserves all the signal dynamics, without any masking effect in the midrange, thereby keeping all its neutrality and transparency.

Additional control of the bass register is accomplished by fine-tuning on the control plate on the back of the Twin6 Be in order to obtain a perfect mirror configuration with its mate. The Twin6 Be can be installed vertically or horizontally to respond to the space requirements of each studio.


Focal SUB6

The Sub6 is a large volume cabinet design, equipped with an 11″ woofer and a rear laminar port. This configuration guarantees bass linearity whatever the intended SPL. The control board is extremely versatile, with connectivity which allows a 2.1, 2.2 and multichannel use via the L/R inputs and outputs and the LFE.

The numerous settings such as the high-pass crossover dedicated to monitors, the adjustable phase and level control provide optimum coupling with the Solo6 Be and the Twin6 Be monitors.

And finally, a small, but important point: the footswitch input. It enables one to connect a pedal to deactivate the subwoofer and the high-pass crossovers on the outputs that supply the monitors. This simplifies and greatly improves control during the different stages in monitoring.

Focal CMS Range

CMS 65

Focal CMS65

The reference standard of the CMS line, the CMS 65 received the 2008 Excellence Award from Pro Audio Review magazine due to its amazing size/price/performance ratio. Its extended response at 45Hz (-3dB) allows installation without a subwoofer. CMS 65 monitors are characterized by treble definition, midrange transparency and adjustable control of the midbass and bass registers. The tonal balance is extremely stable, even at very loud volumes, ensuring accurate reproduction when mixing and mastering.

CMS 50

Focal CMS50

The CMS 50 is the most compact monitoring loudspeaker of all the Focal Professional range. Its design permits listening from 50cm away, while still keeping the possibility of the monitors at a great distance from one another without damaging the soundstage. The ics and a degree of definition in the treble that allow precise measurement of reverb and effects, which are normally very difficult to assess.

CMS 40

Focal CMS40

The CMS 40 is the most compact monitor of the Focal Professional range. Its size/extended bass frequency ratio ensures excellent versatility. This monitor guarantees ultra-realistic voicing, whilst offering optimum acoustic integration in a small room. Its design permits a listening position from 16″ (40cm), even in the least advantageous locations (ex. proximity to reverberating surfaces).

The CMS 40 is the perfect tool for post-production and home studios. And even in the biggest and best studios, it proves to be an excellent second monitoring system, allowing one to quickly check how the mix translates onto smaller speakers.


Focal CMS-Sub

The 11″ Polyglass® cone woofer used in the CMS SUB is both very light and extremely rigid for a neutral and distortion-free response. This incredible weight-to-rigidity ratio is obtained by applying a thin layer of hollow glass spheres on top of a cellulose-based cone. The high excursion capabilities of the CMS SUB woofer offer tight and controlled bass, able to reproduce even the most minute detail.

The CMS SUB woofer was designed to be extremely efficient; to make the most out of amplifier headroom, making sure that you can hear the slightest changes to compression settings.

MediaPros stock the full range of Focal Professional Studio Monitors, demos are available at the company’s central London based studios, please contact one of our Pro Audio Sales Specialists for details on how to book a test drive.

Genelec Logo

When Genelec started making monitor systems 22 years ago, some ideas seemed a little crazy. Like putting the amplifiers and active crossover into the speaker cabinet. Or giving the enclosures to control the directivity of the sound and to prevent diffraction at the edges of the cabinet.

Making the amplifiers part of the package does more than minimise the length of signal-losing cable to the speaker. It also gives the designer the chance to optimise the amplifier characteristics for that specific system.

Monitoring GenelecLikewise, using active electronics brings greater benefits than the chance to avoid that passive power-sapper, the traditional crossover. It means that each amplifier is handling only part of the frequency range, meaning more headroom.

Most monitor manufacturers can manage to produce a ruler flat frequency graph for the on-axis position. Genelec’s unique DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide) helps to control the off-axis response. This means that the large percentage of reflected sound heard even with nearfield arrangements is also accurate.

Genelec has also put considerable thought into the issues associated with 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 monitoring, which is why their surround systems work so well.

Genelec 8000 Series

Genelec 8030aGenelec 8030A

Replacing the previous 1029A, the extremely compact 8030A uses a 5-inch bass driver in combination with a 3/4-inch tweeter loaded into a new, advanced DCW. The free field frequency response is 55Hz – 21kHz. Peak SPL per pair is 108dB, with the power provided by a pair of integral 40-Watt amplifiers.

Genelec 8040aGenelec 8040A

The intermediate sized 8040A, incorporates a newly-designed 6 1/2-inch woofer and a 3/4 inch tweeter, again set into an advanced DCW. The free-field frequency response is 45Hz – 21kHz. Peak SPL per pair is 115dB. achieved with 90-Watt amplifiers for each driver. This compact active broadband system is ideal for nearfield monitoring or use anywhere space is limited. It replaces the 1030A.

Genelec 8050aGenelec 8050A

The 8050A is the largest model. Like the popular 1031A it replaces, the new design combines an 8-inch bass driver and a 1-inch tweeter also set into an advanced DCW. The 8050A will produce peak SPLs of 120dB with a free-field frequency response of 35Hz – 21kHz. Bass and treble amplification is 150 and 120 watts respectively.

Each of the two-way 8000 monitor systems incorporates the unique Genelec Iso-Pod isolation, positioner and decoupler. The Iso-Pod is a mounting stand that allows the system to perform in either the vertical or horizontal position. It also means the acoustic axis of the monitor can be aimed at the listener, while

Genelec 1000 Series

Genelec 1034BGenelec 1034B

The 1034B is a compact high-power, three-way main monitoring loudspeaker for medium sized control rooms. It is intended to be flush mounted into the front wall Frequency response: 32Hz – 22kHz (-3 dB), SPL 125dB (peak) per pair @ 2m with music material.

Genelec 1038AGenelec 1038A

The high power and broad bandwidth of the 1038A make it capable of fulfilling the roles of the larger models in the range, such as music and surround sound monitoring, but it is also eminently suitable for TV and video post production, broadcast monitoring, CD mastering and use in project studios, drama studios and cutting rooms. As main monitors, 1038As will give excellent results either free standing or flush mounted in the wall. Frequency response: 33Hz – 20kHz (-3 dB), SPL 124dB (peak) per pair @ 2m with music material.

Genelec 7000 Subwoofer Series

Genelec 7060A

This range of five subwoofers is based on a Laminar Spiral Enclosure bass reflex cabinet. The spiral shape of the LSE cabinet is designed to form a seamless, gently curving reflex tube with excellent laminar flow characteristics, minimal turbulence noise and space-saving construction.

The 7060A 10-inch, 7070A 12-inch, 7071A 2 x 12-inch, 7030A 4 x 12-inch are designed primarily for use with surround-sound monitoring, with Genelec’s two-way, three-way and main active monitors. Four models in the series feature Genelec’s new 6.1 bass management systems.

The compact 8-inch 7050A model is designed to extend the bass response of the 8030A monitors in stereo systems.

JBL Pro Logo

JBL’s LSR studio monitors include the flagship LSR6300 Series, the revolutionary LSR4300 Series and the affordable LSR2300 Series studio monitors, plus the MSC1 Monitor System Controller, which tunes any speakers for greater accuracy in problematic rooms.

JBL LSR4300 Family

Depending on the acoustics of the production space and the working distance from the speakers, up to 50 percent of the sound heard in a production room can be reflected sound. JBL LSR Linear Spatial Reference design ensures not just the direct sound from the speaker, but also the speaker’s off-axis reflected sound, is neutral for greater accuracy at the mix position in a broad range of acoustic environments.

A second technology, JBL RMCTM addresses the low frequency problems in production control rooms. Variations in low frequency response caused by room modes and speaker placement can produce exaggerated bass response that can mislead audio engineers. JBL’s RMCTM Room Mode Correction technology compensates for low frequency irregularities with a system that measures the room’s low frequency response and applies corrective filters. All three JBL studio monitor lines offer an RMC solution. While the JBL LSR4300 series and two LSR6300 series models include RMC technology in the speaker, JBL’s MSC1 Monitor System Controller with RMC technology can be used with the affordable LSR2300 series studio monitors or any speaker system.

JBL_lsr4328packTop mixers and facilities worldwide select JBL LSR Series studio monitors for their detailed sonic presentation and impressive output. Utilising over 65 years of R&D, JBL meticulously designs transducers and system components to give each model industry-leading performance and best-in-class accuracy. Coupling high performance with a wide range of model sizes and price-points, JBL has a studio monitor to meet all requirements or any facility.