Welcome to the Slate RAVEN MTX – the World’s first Multi-Touch Audio Production System, exclusively distributed in the UK by MediaPros.


The Slate RAVEN MTX puts your DAW at your fingertips and lets your creativity fly. The lightning fast virtual control surface, running user-customizable RAVEN software lets you follow your instincts like no other workflow environment ever before. The RAVEN will always adapt and evolve to offer the quickest and most intuitive workflow in your studio. The RAVEN removes ALL obstacles between you and your DAW.

Workflow Evolved

Slate RAVEN 2.0 Social Graphic SquareNow Featuring RAVEN 2.0

No other DAW Controller comes close to offering the advanced functionality of the Slate RAVEN Consoles, RAVEN 2.0 is an amazingly powerful creative tool that will make the process of editing, mixing and mastering easier and faster, much more intuitive, hands-on and fun!

The Multi-Touch Display

Slate Media Technology built the RAVEN MTX 46″ multi-touch display from the ground up using new and cutting edge touchscreen technologies. It’s clear, yet easy on the eyes for long sessions and looks great at any angle – plus it’s incredibly responsive. With its NanoGlide™ surface, the RAVEN is even smoother than your favourite touch tablet.

Slate RAVEN MTX Mk II Left

The RAVEN Multi-Touch DAW control software puts your DAW right at your fingertips. The large-format, multi-touch RAVEN mixer gives you complete access to faders, pans, mutes, solos, sends, automation, and even plugin inserts. A customizable interface employing intuitive multitouch gestures will have you moving effortlessly through your sessions. The comfortable, ergonomically-designed control surface allows your arms to move which can lead to better health. Because the RAVEN’s interface is virtual, it can be expanded and made entirely new again via instant software downloads, enhancing its features and keeping your investment cutting edge.

The RAVEN Toolbar

Fully customizable to your workflow and creative needs! Place your DAW controls where you want them, anchored in scalable toolbars, or in floating, customizable tool palettes.

Slate RAVEN MTX Mk II Right

The RAVEN Analogue Section

The RAVEN MTX completes its production console features with a class-defining analogue monitoring section designed for today’s audio engineer. With multiple speaker outputs and multiple input sources, comprehensive headphone send and cue options – monitoring your audio has never been easier or sounded better.

Get a RAVEN demo!

Slate RAVEN consoles are exclusively distributed in the UK by MediaPros, to book a ‘Test-Flight’ in our dedicated demo studio please contact one of our Slate RAVEN Product Specialists.


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